Sean Spangler Las Vegas NV, MMA Snitch

Below documents are from Federal Case 2:12:-CR-00163-LDG-CWH

Dear Sean Spangler,

In between your “Short sale scams”, “Grow house operation” and “Money laundering with Federal Convection’s”. I am so glade you had time to sit down and lie to federal official’s. I look forward to taking your deposition. You are truly a piece of work.

FYI, Title 18 1001. Statements or entries generally : False Statements :

Sean Spangler lies to the feds

Sean Spangler MMA is a Snitch

Sean Spangler is a felon who is on probation as a result of his involvement with a “grow house.” A grow house is a place where someone illegally raises marijuana plants, which they then sell illegally. Sean Spangler got busted by the authorities for laundering  money that was made as a result of the gain realized from the profits of this “enterprise.”

We’re also in possession of information about a document that shows Sean Spangler, felon, called authorities and told a patently false story to them about me, Steve Barket. Simply put, it was a complete lie. What he told them just wasn’t true. And the lies he made up were outlandish, far from the truth.

Beware! Sean Spangler is trying to save his own neck at the expense of me and others. He and private investigator Tom Dillard are cut from the same cloth. Spangler seems like he’s learning his tactics from the P.I. who he’s teamed up with, Dillard, an ex-cop who is now a P.I., who is leaving his own trail of infamy. Just check out for a little window into the kind of character Dillard is.

Spangler is a con man who is bankrupt, who cheated banks out of millions, who is a felon, and who now can add the title of lying snitch to his resumé.

Sean Spangler MMA guy and Felon make fales and defamitory statments to Law Enforcement.

Las Vegas, Nevada — October 4, 2012

Sean Spangler, Felon (drug money laundering) and Tom Dillard teamed up some time ago to make up another story. (L.O.L.) Another lame attempt by Tom Dillard to intimidate me and frame me with stories. Good luck on that one, Sean and Tom.

Sean Spangler the felon … imagine that, the supposed pillar of creditability, a felon … who made a joke of his own bankruptcy, who stiffs banks for millions, teaming up with that other paragon of virtue, Tom Dillard. I am looking forward to his deposition!

Just recently some documents anonymously turned up, which show that Sean Spangler made false statements about me in another federal case. Spangler has now joined the ranks of another Las Vegas Buffoon….

By the way, is that a crime — making false statements to law enforcement agencies? Hmmm … let’s think about that for half a sec. I guess that’s a question that his probation officer can have fun pursuing.

Sean Spangler MMA, on Fox Sports and Federal probation at the same time !

What kind of person collects rent, puts it in his pocket, stiffs the mortgage company, then attempts to file bankruptcy? … Sean Spangler MMA guy — a/k/a Spank. Yes, Spangler did spank the banks for around $5,500,000.00. I’ll help you count those zeros … that’s $5.5 MILLION! And my favorite part about it is that he’s using a house with Shane Sickles (764 Dibasio Ct. Henderson Nevada) to grow pot.

Sean Spangler MMA guy, along with Shane Sickles, were part of a scheme that used a home that Spangler and Kelly Putnam (Spangler’s baby mama) built to grow pot. The only problem is, they got caught.

When I read the online “stuff” about Sean Spangler, the felon, I have to L.O.L.


SEAN SPANGLER Realtor Las Vegas Nevada / Launder Drug Money / Sell Real-Estate ?

Las Vegas, Nevada – Sean Spangler pleads guilty to Laundering drug money in Federal Court and is now a Felon. A check of the Nevada Real Estate website shows Spangler is in good standing.


Could I see that three-bedroom house with a pool? And by the way, how much is pot by the pound today?!?


LOL - A source told me that a lawsuit against the duo is pending. I spoke to a roommate, and he was screwed by the couple. Their broker of record at the time, Dave Tina Sr., will be named as well. I will publish the suit as soon as possible.

A word to the convicted felon: Perhaps you should consult Tom Dillard … I am sure he can help. I look forward to seeing this guy in court.