Sean Spangler MMA, on Fox Sports and Federal probation at the same time !

What kind of person collects rent, puts it in his pocket, stiffs the mortgage company, then attempts to file bankruptcy? … Sean Spangler MMA guy — a/k/a Spank. Yes, Spangler did spank the banks for around $5,500,000.00. I’ll help you count those zeros … that’s $5.5 MILLION! And my favorite part about it is that he’s using a house with Shane Sickles (764 Dibasio Ct. Henderson Nevada) to grow pot.

Sean Spangler MMA guy, along with Shane Sickles, were part of a scheme that used a home that Spangler and Kelly Putnam (Spangler’s baby mama) built to grow pot. The only problem is, they got caught.

When I read the online “stuff” about Sean Spangler, the felon, I have to L.O.L.


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