Sean Spangler MMA is a Snitch

Sean Spangler is a felon who is on probation as a result of his involvement with a “grow house.” A grow house is a place where someone illegally raises marijuana plants, which they then sell illegally. Sean Spangler got busted by the authorities for laundering  money that was made as a result of the gain realized from the profits of this “enterprise.”

We’re also in possession of information about a document that shows Sean Spangler, felon, called authorities and told a patently false story to them about me, Steve Barket. Simply put, it was a complete lie. What he told them just wasn’t true. And the lies he made up were outlandish, far from the truth.

Beware! Sean Spangler is trying to save his own neck at the expense of me and others. He and private investigator Tom Dillard are cut from the same cloth. Spangler seems like he’s learning his tactics from the P.I. who he’s teamed up with, Dillard, an ex-cop who is now a P.I., who is leaving his own trail of infamy. Just check out for a little window into the kind of character Dillard is.

Spangler is a con man who is bankrupt, who cheated banks out of millions, who is a felon, and who now can add the title of lying snitch to his resumé.

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