Sean Spangler MMA guy and Felon make fales and defamitory statments to Law Enforcement.

Las Vegas, Nevada — October 4, 2012

Sean Spangler, Felon (drug money laundering) and Tom Dillard teamed up some time ago to make up another story. (L.O.L.) Another lame attempt by Tom Dillard to intimidate me and frame me with stories. Good luck on that one, Sean and Tom.

Sean Spangler the felon … imagine that, the supposed pillar of creditability, a felon … who made a joke of his own bankruptcy, who stiffs banks for millions, teaming up with that other paragon of virtue, Tom Dillard. I am looking forward to his deposition!

Just recently some documents anonymously turned up, which show that Sean Spangler made false statements about me in another federal case. Spangler has now joined the ranks of another Las Vegas Buffoon….

By the way, is that a crime — making false statements to law enforcement agencies? Hmmm … let’s think about that for half a sec. I guess that’s a question that his probation officer can have fun pursuing.

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